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Title: Changes in fine root dynamics and distribution along a chronosequence of upland oak-hickory forests

Author: Idol, Travis W.; Pope, Phillip E.; Ponder, Felix, Jr.

Year: 1997

Publication: In: Pallardy, Stephen G.; Cecich, Robert A.; Garrett, H. Gene; Johnson, Paul S., eds. Proceedings of the 11th Central Hardwood Forest Conference; Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-188. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station: 170-171

Abstract: Central Hardwood forests regenerate rapidly following a major disturbance like a clear-cut. The subsequent aboveground growth and development of the resulting stands have been well-documented for these forests. However, the belowground components, specifically the dynamics of fine roots, are not well understood. Fine roots are the main vectors through which plants uptake water and nutrients and represent a significant proportion of a plant's net primary productivity. Studying the dynamics of fine roots during stand/forest development is essential to understand forest ecosystems and for responsible forest management.

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