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Title: Identifying forest lands in urban areas in the Central Hardwood Region

Author: Birch, Thomas W.; Riemann Hershey, Rachel; Kern, Philip

Year: 1997

Publication: In: Pallardy, Stephen G.; Cecich, Robert A.; Garrett, H. Gene; Johnson, Paul S., eds. Proceedings of the 11th Central Hardwood Forest Conference; Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-188. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station: 98-116

Abstract: Forests in urban areas are an important component of urban and suburban environments. They provide places for recreation and environmental education, wildlife habitat for species adapted to living near humans, contribute to general human physical and psychological health. Knowing how much and what type of forest exists in urban areas provides critical baseline data for evaluating changes in that resource, and critical data to access factors that influence forest management and health. Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data combined with population estimates constitute two valuable sources of information that show promise in understanding the extent, structure, and location of the forest resource in urban areas of the central hardwood region. Ownership information was examined to assess whether size and/or type of ownership is related to population density. There is increasing parcelization of forested lands and an increase in the numbers of nonindustrial private forest-land owners. Identifying where this parcelization is taking place in relation to population centers is important in understanding the process of fragmentation of forest land. The use of these techniques offer an opportunity to monitor changes in this important resource.

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