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Title: The ecology of forest insect invasions and advances in their management

Author: Brockerhoff, Eckehard G.; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Jactel, Hervé

Year: 2006

Publication: Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36:263-268

Abstract: Invasions by nonindigenous forest insects can have spectacular effects on the biodiversity, ecology, and economy of affected areas. This introduction explores several critical issues that are generally relevant to invasions by forest insects to provide an extended background for this special issue of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research and highlights the key findings of the papers included in the issue. The topics covered address new information about (1) the role of cargo shipments as invasion pathways for the arrival of insects such as wood borers and bark beetles, (2) biogeographical effects that can influence the ecological and economic impact of insects feeding on exotic tree species, (3) the influence of biodiversity on impacts of forest insects and on the invasibility of ecosystem, and (4) recent advances in the detection, monitoring, and management of invasive species and native pests, including DNA barcoding for identification, the use of pheromones for monitoring and mating disruption, and biological control. These findings are likely to become even more important with elevated prevalence of invasions as a result of increasing global trade and international travel. Avenues of international communication and cooperation among scientists should be encouraged to enhance the sharing of information about biological invasions and to find solutions to this alarming problem.

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