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Title: Effect of planting procedures in initial growth of Acer rubrum L. and Fraxinus pennsylvanicum L. in a parking lot

Author: Heisler, Gordon M.; Schutzki, Robert E.; Zisa, Robert P.; Halverson, Howard G.; Hamilton, Bruce A.

Year: 1982

Publication: Res. Pap. NE-513. Broomall, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiement Station. 7p.

Abstract: Five-year old red maples, Acer rubrum L. 'October Glory', and green ash, Fraxinus pennsylvanicum L. 'Marshall Seedless', were planted in 8 ft x 8 ft openings in an asphalt parking lot with two planting stocks (bare-root, BR, and balled and burlapped, B&B) and two fertilizer levels (a control and 1.36 kg of 10-10-10 fertilizer along with 1.36 kg of dolomitic limestone per tree). After two growing seasons, survival of the 32 trees was 100 percent, and they grew better than trees similarly planted off the lot. Fertilizer reduced growth of BR green ash; increased shoot growth, but not height or crown width growth of BR red maples; and had a negligible effect on growth of B&B trees of either species. BR red maples and unfertilized BR green ash generally grew better than corresponding B&B trees.

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