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Title: Preliminary results on predation of gypsy moth pupae during a period of latency in Slovakia

Author: Turcani, Marek; Liebhold, Andrew M.; McManus, Michael; Novotný, Július

Year: 2003

Publication: In: Proceedings: IUFRO Working Party 7.03.07; Kanazawa, Japan. September 2003. 72-77

Abstract: Predation of gypsy moth pupae was studied from 2000 -2003 in Slovakia. Predation on artificially reared pupae was recorded and linear regression was used to test the hypothesis that predation follows a type II vs. type III functional response. The role of pupal predation in gypsy moth population dynamics was also investigated. The relative importance of predation of pupae by invertebrates vs. vertebrates was estimated using exclosures. During the study, population densities remained very low and stable. In general, invertebrates caused 55.8% and vertebrates 44.2 % of total predation. K-values varied from 0.20 to 3.00 and plots of abundance vs. k-values suggested that total predation was density independent during a period of latency. The ultimate role of predation on gypsy moth pupae remains unclear, however there are some indications that pupal predation plays a significant role in the dynamics of gypsy moth populations.

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