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Title: Patterns of woody species composition on the Fernow Experimental Forest and adjacent portions of the Otter Creek Wilderness Area

Author: Muzika, R.M.; Stephenson, S.L.; Adams, H.S.; Lawrence, D.M.; Miller, G.W.

Year: 1999

Publication: In: Eckerlin, Ralph P., ed. Proceedings of the Appalachian biogeography symposium; 1995 June 25 29; Blacksburg, VA. Special Publ. No. 7. Martinsville, VA: Virginia Museum of Natural History: 35-44.

Abstract: Quantitative data on the composition and structure of the overstory tree (stems ≥ 10cm - dbh) and understory tree strata (≥2.5 but < 10 cm dbh) were obtained from 105 - 0.1 ha plots in the Allegheny Plateau of West Virginia. Fifteen species occurred as the leading dominant in at least one plot for the overstory, but Quercus rubra (northern red oak) was the overall dominant and had the greatest importance value in 25 of the 105 plots. Acer saccharum (sugar maple), Fagus grandifolia (beech), and Acer rubrum (red maple) were the usual dominants in the understory. Ordination analysis using detrended correspondence analysis (DCA) with data for both structural layers indicated that species importance values along the first axis seemed to be most closely related to a moisture complex-gradient, whereas positions along the second axis appeared to be related to an elevation complex-gradient.

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