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Title: The ratio of NPP to GPP: evidence of change over the course of stand development

Author: Makela, Annikki; Valentine, Harry T.

Year: 2001

Publication: Tree Physiology. 21: 1015-1030.

Abstract: Using Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Fenno-Scandia as a case study, we investigate whether net primary production (NPP) and maintenance respiration are constant fractions of gross primary production (GPP) as even-aged mono-specific stands progress from initiation to old age. A model of the ratio of NPP to GPP is developed based on (1) the classical model of respiration, which divides total respiration into construction and maintenance components, and (2) a process-based model, which derives respiration from processes including construction, nitrate uptake and reduction, ion uptake, plhoem loading and maintenance.

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