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A Gene for an Extended Phenotype

  • Hoover, K.
  • Grove, M.
  • Gardner, M.
  • Hughes, D. P.
  • McNeil, J.
  • Slavicek, J.

Year Published



Science. Vol. 333 no. 6048 p. 1401 DOI: 10.1126/science.1209199


Manipulation of host behavior by parasites and pathogens has been widely observed, but the basis for these behaviors has remained elusive. Gypsy moths infected by a baculovirus climb to the top of trees to die, liquefy, and "rain" virus on the foliage below to infect new hosts. The viral gene that manipulates climbing behavior of the host was identified, providing evidence of a genetic basis for the extended phenotype. Additional Supporting Marterial available at


Hoover, K.; Grove, M.; Gardner, M.; Hughes, D. P.; McNeil, J.;Slavicek, J. 2011. A Gene for an Extended Phenotype. Science. 333 (6048) p. 1401.
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