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Title: Resistance to galling adelgids varies among families of Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmani P.)

Author: Mattson, William J.; Yanchuk, Alvin; Kiss, Gyula; Birr, Bruce

Year: 1999

Publication: In: Lieutier, F.; Mattson, W.J.l Wagner, M.R., eds. Physiology and Genetics of Tree-Phytophage Interactions international symposium; 1997 August 31-September 5; Gujan, France. Paris, France: INRA Editions: 51-64.

Abstract: Cooley gall adelgids, Adelges cooleyi, and round gall adelgids, Adelges abietis, differentially infested 110 half-sib families of Engelmann spruce, Picea engelmannii at 9 study sites in British Columbia. There was a negative genetic correlation (-0.53) between the infestations of the two gall-forming species. Cooley gall abundance exhibited a negative genetic correlation (-0.66) with tree growth, whereas round gall abundance exhibited a positive genetic correlation (0.79) with growth. Heritability (h') of resistance against the adelgids averaged about 0.60 for Cooley galls and 0.20 for round galls.

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