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Title: One- and two-objective approaches to an area-constrained habitat reserve site selection problem

Author: Snyder, Stephanie; ReVelle, Charles; Haight, Robert

Year: 2004

Publication: Biological Conservation 119 (2004) 565?574

Abstract: We compare several ways to model a habitat reserve site selection problem in which an upper bound on the total area of the selected sites is included. The models are cast as optimization coverage models drawn from the location science literature. Classic covering problems typically include a constraint on the number of sites that can be selected. If potential reserve sites vary in terms of area, acquisition cost or land value, then sites need to be differentiated by these characteristics in the selection process. To address this within the optimization model, the constraint on the number of selected sites can either be replaced by one limiting the total area of the selected sites or area minimization can be incorporated as a second objective. We show that for our dataset and choice of optimization solver average solution time improves considerably when an area-constrained reserve site selection problem is modeled as a two objective rather than a single objective problem with a constraint limiting the total area of the selected sites. Computational experience is reported using a large dataset from Australia.

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