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Title: Impacts of elevated N inputs on north temperate forest soil C storage, C/N, and net N-mineralization

Author: Nave, L.E.; Vance, E.D.; Swanston, C.W.; Curtis, P.S.

Year: 2009

Publication: Geoderma. 153: 231-240.


Nitrogen (N) availability influences carbon (C) storage in forest soils through effects on plant growth, litter production, and soil C decomposition and stabilization. Soil C/N and net N-mineralization are commonly reported empirical measures of soil N availability, and changes in these variables due to N inputs may feed back to soil C storage through a variety of biotic and abiotic pathways. We conducted a meta-analysis of the responses of soil C storage, C/N, and net N-mineralization (Nmin) to N inputs in north temperate forests. The modes of N addition we considered were the establishment of N-fixing vegetation (Nfix), N-fertilization (Nfert), and simulated chronic N deposition (Ndep).

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