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Regional assessment of N saturation using foliar and root δ15N

  • Pardo, L.H.
  • Templer, P.H.
  • Goodale, C.L.
  • Duke, S.
  • Groffman, P.M.
  • Adams, M.B.
  • Boeckx, P.
  • Boggs, J.
  • Campbell, J.
  • Colman, B.
  • Compton, J.
  • Emmett, B.
  • Gundersen, P.
  • Kjonaas, J.
  • Lovett, G.
  • Mack, M.
  • Magill, A.
  • Mbila, M.
  • Mitchell, M.J.
  • McGee, G.
  • McNulty, S.
  • Nadelhoffer, K.
  • Ollinger, S.
  • Ross, D.
  • Rueth, H.
  • Rustad, L.
  • Schaberg, P.
  • Schiff, S.
  • Schleppi, P.
  • Spoelstra, J.
  • Wessel, W.

Year Published



Biogeochemistry. 80: 143-171.


N saturation induced by atmospheric N deposition can have serious consequences for forest health in many regions. In order to evaluate whether foliar d15N may be a robust, regional-scale measure of the onset of N saturation in forest ecosystems, we assembled a large dataset on atmospheric N deposition, foliar and root d15N and N concentration, soil C:N, mineralization and nitrification. The dataset included sites in northeastern North America, Colorado, Alaska, southern Chile and Europe.



Pardo, L.H.; Templer, P.H.; Goodale, C.L.; Duke, S.; Groffman, P.M.; Adams, M.B.; Boeckx, P.; Boggs, J.; Campbell, J.; Colman, B.; Compton, J.; Emmett, B.; Gundersen, P.; Kjonaas, J.; Lovett, G.; Mack, M.; Magill, A.; Mbila, M.; Mitchell, M.J.; McGee, G.; McNulty, S.; Nadelhoffer, K.; Ollinger, S.; Ross, D.; Rueth, H.; Rustad, L.; Schaberg, P.; Schiff, S.; Schleppi, P.; Spoelstra, J.; Wessel, W. 2006. Regional assessment of N saturation using foliar and root δ15N. Biogeochemistry. 80: 143-171.
Last updated on: December 20, 2007

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