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Title: Long-term research on classical silvicultural approaches in the Acadian Forest: Penobscot Experimental Forest Part I

Author: Brissette, John C.; Saunders, Michael R.; Kenefic, Laura S.; Sendak, Paul E.

Year: 2006

Publication: In: Proceedings, Society of American Foresters 2006 national convention; 2006 October 25-29; Pittsburgh, PA. Bethesda, MD: Society of American Foresters. [CD-ROM].

Abstract: The most comprehensive study of stand dynamics in the Acadian Forest Region is an experiment by the USDA Forest Service at the Penobscot Experimental Forest (PEF) in Maine. It was established from 1952-1957 to study changes in structure, composition, and productivity from an array of silvicultural treatments. Ingrowth, accretion, and mortality of individual trees (!Y0.5 in. dbh) are followed on permanent sample plots before and after harvests, and at about 5-year intervals between harvests. Differences in growth between the reference and treated stands and among several of the treatments have been documented. There have also been changes in species composition and stand quality. Over the decades this experiment has yielded valuable answers to questions it was designed to address and insights into many issues that were not anticipated when it was planned. In addition, it has been the stage for a broad range of shortterm ecological and management studies.

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