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Title: Characteristics of a long-term forest soil productivity research site in Missouri

Author: Ponder, Felix, Jr.; Mikkelson, Nancy M.

Year: 1995

Publication: In: Gottschalk, Kurt W.; Fosbroke, Sandra L. C., ed. Proceedings, 10th Central Hardwood Forest Conference; 1995 March 5-8; Morgantown, WV.: Gen. Tech. Rep. NE-197. Radnor, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station. 272-281

Abstract: Problems with soil quality and maintenance of soil productivity occur when management activities are improperly planned and carried out. To ensure that Forest Service management practices do not reduce long-term soil productivity (LTSP), a network of coordinated long-term experiments is being established across the United States. The first LTSP study in the Central Hardwood Region is being established in the Ozark Region of southeastern Missouri, in Shannon County. The study area contained mature upland oak-hickory forest with some oak-pine communities. Within the 17.4-ha (43- acre) study area are 27 plots that are approximately 0.4 ha (1 acre) each. The national study plan calls for three levels of organic matter removal (stem only, whole tree, and whole tree plus litter layer) and three levels of compaction (none, moderate, and severe). Logs were lifted from the uncompacted treatment (9 plots) using a skyline yarder system instead of entering plots with a skidder. The remaining plots were harvested conventionally. Pre-treatment data collected include census, height, diameter, and nutrient measurements of overstory, understory, and herbaceous plants; litter and forest floor weights as well as chemical composition; and chemical and physical (porosity and bulk density) soil properties. These data will be used to investigate the effects of treatments on growth, composition, and spatial distribution of woody and herbaceous vegetation, physical and chemical soil properties, and nutrient cycling.

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