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Title: A model for the optimization of the detection and eradication of isolated gypsy moth colonies

Author: Bogich, Tiffany L.; Liebhold, Andrew; Shea, Katriona

Year: 2007

Publication: In: Gottschalk, Kurt W., ed. Proceedings, 17th U.S. Department of Agriculture interagency research forum on gypsy moth and other invasive species 2006; Gen. Tech. Rep. NRS-P-10. Newtown Square, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station: 27-28.

Abstract: Biological invasions of pest species pose a threat to the stability of ecosystems, both natural and managed (Liebhold et al. 1995, Shogren and Tschirhart 2005). Considerable effort is expended by national and local governments on excluding alien species via detection and eradication of invading populations, but these efforts are not necessarily designed in the most economically or biologically efficient manner. In places where an invasive species has not yet established, we need to know how managers can optimize detection methods in order to minimize both detection and eradication costs.

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