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Title: Atmospheric Inputs of Mercury and Organic Carbon into a Forested Upland/Bog Watershed

Author: Kolka , Randy K.; Nater, E. A.; Verry, Elon S,

Year: 1999

Publication: Water, Air, and Soil Pollution. Vol. 113 p. 273-194. (1999)

Abstract: Inputs of mercury (Hg) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in throughfall and stemflow waters were measured for an upland/bog watershed in northern Minnesota, and were compared to the deposition in a nearby opening to determine the influence of tree canopies on Hg and DOC deposition. Twice as much Hg and seven times as much DOC was deposited in the forested watershed compared to the opening. Mass balance studies that are based on wet-only deposition in openings severely underestimate atmospheric deposition of Hg in forests. Conifer canopies are more efficient filters of airborne, particulates than are deciduous canopies as indicated by much higher Hg concentrations and total deposition in throughfall and stemflow waters under conifers. Significant positive relationships existed between Hg and DOC in both throughfall (36-57% of the variation) and stemflow waters (55-88% of the variation). Hg complexation by DOC appears to be related to the contact time between precipitation and carbon sources.

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