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Philadelphia Field Station


Center for Resilient Landscapes Job Opportunities

  • Fellow opportunities for Rutgers graduate students - due February 8, 2016

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The Philadelphia Field Station (PFS) is part of the USDA Forest Service's Northern Research Station. It focuses on improving urban natural resources stewardship in the Philadelphia metropolitan region, which includes parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and southern New Jersey. The PFS works with several partner organizations including the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Davey Institute to develop research that is responsive to management needs. The PFS's mission is to foster collaboration with our urban communities and facilitate the science, science-delivery and communication to improve people’s lives in this region. This place-based context helps define research priorities and visions for maximizing impact.  The PFS is using research to understand the effectiveness of existing urban forestry programs, to inform decisions made by managers and practitioners, and to share what is learned in Philadelphia with other communities. The PFS researchers are working to ---

  • Understand the factors for long-term tree survival and how urban forests change
  • Evaluate how current greening activities are impacting human health and safety
  • Explore new models for building partnerships and dialogues around research and the science of urban natural resource stewardship