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Research Scientist Directory

Northern Research Station Scientists

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Name Title Location Telephone
Adams, Mary Beth Research Soil Scientist Parsons, WV 304-478-2000 x130
Alderman, Delton Research Forest Products Technologist Princeton, WV 304-431-2734
Amelon, Sybill Research Wildlife Biologist Columbia, MO 573-875-5341 x231
Bailey, Scott Geologist North Woodstock, NH 603-535-3262
Banik, Mark Microbiologist Madison, WI (608) 231-9297
Bauer, Leah Research Entomologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8059
Belt, Ken Hydrologist Baltimore, MD 443-543-5382
Bengston, David N. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5162
Bian, Xindi (Randy) Meteorologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8050
Birdsey, Richard Program Manager Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4091
Bloniarz, David Biological Scientist Amherst, MA 413-545-3755
Brandt, Leslie Climate Change Specialist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5016
Brissette, John Project Leader / Research Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7632
Brose, Patrick Research Forester Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Brown, Donald Post-Doctoral Fellow Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1156
Bumgardner, Matt Research Forest Product Technologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0059
Butler, Brett Research Forester Amherst, MA 413-545-1387
Campbell, John Research Ecologist Durham, NH 603-868-7643
Campbell, Lindsay Research Social Scientist New York, NY 212-637-4175
Charney, Joseph J. (Jay) Research Meteorologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8052
Clark, Ken Research Forester New Lisbon, NJ 609-894-0325
Costello, Christine Wildlife Biologist Bartlett, NH 603-374-2494
D'Amico, Vince Research Entomologist Newark, DE 610-368-4289
Dey, Daniel C. Project Leader / Research Forester Columbia, MO 573-875-5341; ex 225
Dickinson, Matthew Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0096
Dionne, Richard Forester Bradley, ME 207-866-7255
Dockry, Mike Research Natural Resource Specialist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5163
Domke, Grant M. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5138
Donner, Deahn Project Leader / Research Ecologist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1146
Dudzik, Kenneth Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7621
Edwards, Pamela Research Hydrologist Parsons, WV 304-478-2000 x129
Eggert, Sue Research Aquatic Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7135
Emery, Marla Research Geographer Burlington, VT 802-656-1720
Evans, Robert Plant Physiologist Durham, NH 603-868-7606
Fajvan, Mary Ann Research Forester Morgantown, WV 304-285-1575
Fisher, Cherie LeBlanc Social Scientist Evanston, IL 847-866-9311 x12
Floress, Kristin Research Social Scientist Evanston, IL 847-866-9311
Glaeser, Jessie A. Research Plant Pathologist Madison, WI 608-231-9215
Gobster, Paul H. Research Social Scientist Evanston, IL 847-866-9311 x16
Gottschalk, Kurt Project Leader / Research Forester Morgantown, WV 304-285-1598
Gove, Jeffrey Research Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7667
Grant, Nicholas Hydrologist North Woodstock, NH 603-726-8902
Green, Mark B. Research Hydrologist Plymouth, NH 603-535-3095
Greenfield, Eric Forester Syracuse, NY 315-448-3203
Grove, Morgan Research Forester Baltimore, MD 802-238-4328
Gustafson, Eric J. Research Landscape Ecologist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1152
Haack, Robert A. Research Entomologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8057
Haight, Robert G. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5178
Hallett, Richard Research Ecologist Durham, NH 603-868-7657
Halm, Ian Forester North Woodstock, NH 603-726-8902
Handler, Stephen Climate Change Specialist Houghton, MI 906-482-6303 x21
Havill, Nathan P. Research Entomologist Hamden, CT 203-230-4320
Heath, Linda S. Research Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7612
Heckman, Katherine A. Research Biologist Livermore, CA 925-422-9556
Heilman, Warren E. Research Meteorologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8063
Hiremath, Shivanand Research Biologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0015
Holifield, Quintaniay Soil Scientist Baltimore, MD 443-543-5384
Hollinger, David Plant Physiologist Durham, NH 603-868-7673
Hom, John Biological Scientist Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4097
Hoover, Coeli Research Ecologist Durham, NH 603-868-7633
Horsley, Stephen Research Plant Physiologist Emeritus Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Huebner, Cynthia Research Botanist Morgantown, WV 304-285-1582
Hutchinson, Todd Research Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0064
Iverson, Louis Landscape Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0097
Janowiak, Maria Scientist, Climate Change Adaptation and Carbon Management Houghton, MI 906-482-6303 x29
Jensen, Heather Biological Scientist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7133
Johnson, Kristofer Research Biologist Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4115
Johnson, Michelle Interdisciplinary Scientist Bayside, NY 718-225-3061 x308
Juzwik, Jennifer Research Plant Pathologist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5114
Kabrick, John Research Forester Columbia, MO 573-875-5341 x229
Keena, Melody Research Entomologist Hamden, CT 203-230-4308
Kenefic, Laura Research Forester Bradley, ME 207-581-2794
Kern, Christel Research Forester Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7134
King, David Research Wildlife Biologist Amherst, MA 413-545-0357
Knight, Kathleen Research Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0101
Koch, Jennifer Research Biologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0188
Kolka, Randy Team Leader / Research Soil Scientist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7115
Kondo, Michelle Research Hydrologist Philadelphia, PA 215-873-1993
Kubiske, Mark E. Research Plant Physiologist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1108
Kurtz, Cassandra Natural Resources Specialist St Paul, MN 651-649-5149
Lawson, Shaneka Research Plant Physiologist West Lafayette, IN 765-412-6119
Leak, William Research Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7655
Lerman, Susannah B. Research Ecologist Durham, NH 413-545-1765
Liebhold, Andrew Research Entomologist Morgantown, WV 304-285-1512
Liknes, Greg C. Research Physical Scientist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5192
Lilleskov, Erik Research Ecologist and Director's Representative Houghton, MI 906-482-6303; ext. 22
Lindner, Daniel Research Plant Pathologist Madison, WI (608) 231-9511
Lister, Andrew Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4038
Lister, Tonya Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4033
Lodge, D. Jean Botanist Luquillo, PR 787-889-7445
Long, Robert P. Supervisory Research Plant Pathologist Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Low, Sarah C. Biological Scientist Philadelphia, PA 610-557-4017
Luppold, William Economist Princeton, WV 304 431 2770
Marquardt, Paula E. Research Plant Geneticist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1121
May, Dennis M. Program Manager, FIA St. Paul, MN 651-649-5132
McCaffrey, Sarah M. Research Forester Evanston, IL 847-866-9311; ext. 20
McCaskill, George Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4045
McGrane, Susan Program Support Assistant Durham, NH 603-868-7666
McKenna, Jim Biologist West Lafayette, IN 765-496-3624
McManus, Michael Emeritus Scientist Hamden, CT 203-230-4321
McRoberts, Ronald E. Mathematical Statistician St. Paul, MN 651-649-5174
McWilliams, William Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4050
Meneguzzo, Dacia M. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5129
Merriam, Jeffrey Biological Scientist Durham, NH 603-868-7651
Michler, Charles H. Program Manager West Lafayette, IN 765-496-6016
Miles, Patrick D. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5146
Miller, Gary Research Forester Morgantown, WV 304-285-1521
Minnis, Andrew M. Research Botanist Madison, WI 608-231-9200
Minocha, Rakesh Plant Physiologist / Biochemist Durham, NH 603-868-7622
Miranda, Brian Ecologist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1186
Montague, Iris Research Forester Princeton, WV 304-431-2735
Montgomery, Michael Scientist, Emeritus Hamden, CT 203-230-4331
Morin, Randall Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4054
Nakasone, Karen Botanist Madison, WI 608-231-9212
Nelson, Mark D. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5104
Nislow, Keith Project Leader / Research Fisheries Biologist Amherst, MA 413-545-1765
Nowak, David Project Leader / Research Forester Syracuse, NY 315-448-3212
Ortiz-Santana, Beatriz Botanist Madison, WI 608-231-9526
Ostry, Michael E. Research Plant Pathologist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5113
Palik, Brian J. Team Leader / Research Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7116
Palmer, Jonathan Research Botanist Madison, WI 608-231-9511
Pan, Yude Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4205
Pardo, Linda Environmental Engineer Burlington, VT 802-656-1330
Peduzzi, Alicia Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4094
Perry, Charles H. (Hobie) Research Soil Scientist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5191
Peters, Matthew GIS Technician Delaware, OH 440-537-3837
Pijut, Paula M. Plant Physiologist West Lafayette, IN 765-496-2162
Pinchot, Cornelia Research Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0039
Podgwaite, John Microbiologist Hamden, CT 203-230-4325
Poland, Therese M. Research Entomologist Lansing, MI 517-884-8062
Prasad, Anantha Research Ecologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0103
Rebbeck, Joanne Plant Physiologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0054
Riemann, Rachel Research Forester / Geographer Troy, NY 518-285-5607
Ristau, Todd Research Ecologist Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Roman, Lara Research Ecologist Philadelphia, PA 215-917-8899
Royo, Alex Research Ecologist Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Rustad, Lindsey Team Leader / Research Ecologist Durham, NH 603-397-7406
Sachdeva, Sonya Research Social Scientist Evanston, IL 847-866-9311
Saliendra, Nicanor Research Associate and Forest Biometeorologist Baltimore, MD 443-543-5385
Schaberg, Paul Research Plant Physiologist Burlington, VT 802-656-1715
Schmidt, Thomas L. Assistant Director, Research St. Paul, MN 651-649-5216
Schuler, Al Volunteer Scientist Princeton, WV 304-431-2727
Schuler, Thomas Project Leader / Research Forester Parsons, WV 304-478-2000 x110
Scott, Charles Program Manager Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4020
Sebestyen, Stephen Research Hydrologist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7108
Sendak, Paul Research Forester, Emeritus Durham, NH 603-868-7672
Shifley, Stephen R. Research Forester (Biometrics) Columbia, MO 573-875-5341 x232
Shortle, Walter Senior Research Plant Pathologist Durham, NH 603-868-7620
Skowronski, Nicholas Research Forester Morgantown, WV 304-285-1507
Slavicek, Jim Project Leader / Research Biologist Delaware, OH 740-368-0033
Smith, James Plant Physiology/Modeling Durham, NH 603-868-7663
Smith, Kevin T. Supervisory Plant Physiologist Durham, NH 603-868-7624
Snyder, Stephanie Operations Research Analyst St. Paul, MN 651-649-5294
Stark, Nicole Chemical Engineer Madison, WI 608-231-9392
Stoleson, Scott Research Wildlife Biologist Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Stout, Susan Project Leader / Research Forester Irvine, PA 814-563-1040
Sturtevant, Brian R. Research Ecologist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1105
Svendsen, Erika Research Social Scientist New York, NY 212-637-3598
Swanston, Chris Research Ecologist Houghton, MI (906) 482-6303 x20
Thomas, Ed Research Computer Scientist Princeton, WV 304-431-2324
Thomas-Van Gundy, Melissa Research Forester Parsons, WV 304-478-2000 x114
Thompson, Frank R. Research Wildlife Biologist Columbia, MO 573-875-5341 x224
Timm, Anne Research Aquatic Ecologist Grand Rapids, MN 218-326-7132
Tomosy, Monica Liaison to USGS Rosslyn, VA 703-605-5258
Tran, Hao Assistant Director - Research Albany, CA 510-643-0409
Trotter, III, R. Talbot Research Ecologist Hamden, CT 203-230-4312
Twery, Mark Scientist Emeritus Burlington, VT 802-656-1716
Valentine, Harry Research Forester Durham, NH 603-868-7671
Van Sambeek, J.W."Jerry" Research Plant Physiologist Columbia, MO 573-875-5341 x233
Venette, Robert C. Research Biologist St. Paul, MN 651-649-5028
Warren, Matthew W. Research Ecologist Durham, NH 603-868-7744
Wayson, Craig Research Ecologist Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4073
Westfall, Jim Research Forester Newtown Square, PA 610-557-4043
Westphal, Lynne M. Project Leader / Research Social Scientist Evanston, IL 847-866-9311 x11
Wiedenbeck, Jan Team Leader / Research Forest Products Technologist. Princeton, WV 304-431-2708
Wilson, Barry T. (Ty) Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5189
Woeste, Keith Research Plant Molecular Geneticist West Lafayette, IN 765-496-6808
Woodall, Christopher W. Research Forester St. Paul, MN 651-649-5141
Yamasaki, Mariko Team Leader / Research Wildlife Biologist Durham, NH 603-868-7659
Zalesny Jr., Ronald S. Team Leader, Research Plant Geneticist Rhinelander, WI 715-362-1132

Last Modified: 05/28/2013