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Charles H. Michler

Program Manager
Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center, 715 W. State Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-2061
Phone: 765-496-6016

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Current Research

  1. Conventional tree improvement
    • Development of a research program for black walnut, black cherry, northern red oak, and other hardwood species that will increase productivity through improvement of growth, form, wood quality, herbicide resistance, and resistance to abiotic and biotic stressors
  2. Hardwood genomics, proteomics, and biotechnologies
    • Development of genetic maps and molecular markers
    • Identification of functional genes and determination of their function
    • Development of tissue culture and transgenic technologies
  3. Propagation technologies, seed production and handling, and nursery management
    • Development of clonal propagation technologies
    • Development of advanced trellised seed orchards and seed handling technologies
    • Research and development of methods for production of high-quality nursery seedling stock
  4. Hardwood forest regeneration
    • Development and testing of plantation establishment regimes for hardwoods
    • Development of best management practices for maintaining genetic quality and diversity of hardwood forests
    • Development of restoration techniques for high-graded hardwood stands

Research Interests

We are moving toward incorporating our current research into a forest sustainability research program at the landscape level that would include regeneration, water quality, and wildlife considerations.

Why This Research is Important

We need to improve the production of trees, and allow private landowners to sustain higher productivity on less land. Unfortunately, the region has an annual hardwood seedling production shortage of 25-50 million; consequently, few trees are produced for plantation forestry in the region. Private forest-land is being lost to development at an alarming rate. Our hardwood tree improvement efforts will lead to production of over 50% improved trees in the region, and allow private landowners to sustain higher productivity on less land.


  • Ohio State University, Ph.D. Horticulture/Physiology/Biochemistry, 1985
  • Ohio State University, M.S. Horticulture/Physiology/Biochemistry, 1981
  • Ohio State University, B.S. Landscape Horticulture/Architecture, 1978

Professional Organizations

  • International Association of Plant Tissue Culture
  • Walnut Council
  • Indiana Forestry Woodland Owners Association
  • Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association
  • National Hardwood Lumber Association

Featured Publications & Products

Publications & Products

National Research Highlights

Blight Resistant Seeds May Be Key to Comeback for American Chestnut Tree (2012)
Restoration plantings poise this once mighty tree species for a comeback

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