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Christel Kern

Center for Research on Ecosystem Change
E-mail: Contact Christel Kern
Forester/Scientist Trainee
1831 Hwy 169E
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Phone: 218-326-7134

Current Research

  • Plant community and tree regeneration response to harvest-created canopy gaps
  • Long term effects of management on forest dynamics and yield
  • Ecological forestry approaches in pine ecosystems

Research Interests

  • Role of silvicultural systems in forest dynamics’ response to climatic oscillations
  • Influence of overstory retention and pathogen presence to spatial and temporal seedling mortality

Why This Research is Important

Long term perspectives on a variety of approaches to forest management are exceptionally important as environmental conditions and societal values continue to change. My work focuses on ecological underpinnings of plant community dynamics in managed forests both at present and retrospectively over past decades. Analysis of past work provides a rare insight into long term trends and responses that cannot be detected in a short term study or even during one?s career! In light of this, I have the fortunate opportunity to study decades of silvicultural research from earlier scientists to evaluate impacts on complex issues such as forest sustainability and ecosystem integrity. These research results will provide information and tools to adapt silvicultural systems to the changing needs of the future.


  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, M.S. Natural Resources, 2000
  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, B.S. Biology, 1997

Professional Organizations

  • Society of American Foresters
  • Ecological Society of America

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