New York City Urban Field Station

Gardener in Bedford-Stuyvesant.Environmental Governance and Civic Engagement

Networks of public agencies, private organizations, and individuals care for the urban environment. Who volunteers to steward urban ecosystems and how do volunteers get involved in these activities? How do different people and organizations use open space and local greening efforts as a form of governance and civic engagement?

Urban trees in Brooklyn Heights.Forest Ecology and Management

One million new trees will join the urban landscape of New York City by the year 2017. The Urban Field Station has supported that effort by analyzing urban forest ecology citywide and developing a long-term research plan to support the the city's tree canopy goals.

Tree planting in the South Bronx.Resilience, Health & Well-Being

Resilience is the ability of individuals and communities to recover from stress or adversity. These projects explore the intersection between the natural environment and human health and well-being, asking: How can urban greening be understood and managed as a tool for improving quality of life and supporting resilience?

Student studying millipede.Environmental Literacy

Sustained stewardship of our nation's natural resources requires the support and interest of people living in urban areas . These research projects and partnerships aim to cultivate environmental awareness, knowledge and skills among urban residents--with a particular emphasis on young people and students.