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Avoiding treatment bias of REDD+ monitoring by sampling with partial replacement Kohl, Michael; Scott, Charles T; Lister, Andrew J; Demon, Inez; Plugge, Daniel. 2015
Modeled distributions of 12 tree species in New York Riemann, Rachel I.; Wilson, Barry T.; Lister, Andrew J.; Cook, Oren; Crane-Murdoch, Sierra. 2014
Approaches to monitoring changes in carbon stocks for REDD+ Birdsey, Richard; Angeles-Perez, Gregorio; Kurz, Werner A; Lister, Andrew; Olguin, Marcela; Pan, Yude; Wayson, Craig; Wilson, Barry; Johnson, Kristofer 2013
Maryland's forest resources, 2012 Lister, T.W.; Perdue, J. 2013
South Dakota's Forests 2010 Piva, Ronald J.; Walters, Brian F.; Haugan, Douglas D.; Josten, Gregory J.; Butler, Brett J.; Crocker, Susan J.; Domke, Grant M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Lister, Andrew J.; Lister, Tonya W.; Moser, W. Keith; Nelson, Mark D.; Woodall, Christopher W. 2013
North Dakota's Forests 2010 Haugen, David E.; Harsel, Robert; Bergdahl, Aaron; Claeys, Tom; Woodall, Christopher W.; Wilson, Barry T.; Crocker, Susan J.; Butler, Brett J.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Barnett, Charles H.; Domke, Grant; Kaisershot, Dan; Moser, W. Keith; Lister, Andrew J.; Gormanson, Dale D. 2013
Kansas' Forests 2010 Moser, W. Keith; Hansen, Mark H.; Atchison, Robert L.; Butler, Brett J.; Crocker, Susan J.; Domke, Grant; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Lister, Andrew; Miles, Patrick D.; Nelson, Mark D.; Piva, Ronald J.; Woodall, Christopher W. 2013
Applying inventory methods to estimate aboveground biomass from satellite light detection and ranging (LiDAR) forest height data Healey, Sean P.; Patterson, Paul L.; Saatchi, Sassan; Lefsky, Michael A.; Lister, Andrew J.; Freeman, Elizabeth A.; Moisen, Gretchen G. 2012
A nearest-neighbor imputation approach to mapping tree species over large areas using forest inventory plots and moderate resolution raster data Wilson, B. Tyler; Lister, Andrew J.; Riemann, Rachel I. 2012
Delaware's Forests 2008 Lister, Tonya W.; Gladders, Glenn; Barnett, Charles J.; Brand, Gary J.; Butler, Brett J.; Crocker, Susan J.; Domke, Grant M.; Griffith, Douglas M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Lister, Andrew J.; Morin, Randall S.; Moser, W. Keith; Nelson, Mark D.; Perry, Charles H.; Piva, Ronald J.; Riemann, Rachel; Woodall, Christopher W. 2012

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