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Predictor Acronyms
The following are the predictors used in the RandomForest model.   Context-Sensitive Help    

TAVG: Mean annual temperature (C)
TJAN: Mean January temperature (C)
TJUL: Mean July temperature (C)
TMAYSEP: Mean May-September temperature (C)
PPT: Annual precipitation (mm)
PPTMAYSEP: Mean May-September precipitation (mm)
JULJANDIFF: Mean difference between July and January Temperature (C)

ELV_CV: Elevation coefficient of variation
ELV_MAX: Maximum elevation (m)
ELV_MEAN: Average elevation (m)
ELV_MIN: Minimum elevation (m)
ELV_RANGE: Range of elevation (m)
Soil Class

ALFISOL: Alfisol (%)
ARIDISOL: Aridisol (%)
ENTISOL: Entisol (%)
HISTOSOL: Histosol (%)
INCEPTSOL: Inceptisol (%)
MOLLISOL: Mollisol (%)
SPODOSOL: Spodosol (%)
ULTISOL: Ultisol (%)
VERTISOL: Vertisol (%)
Soil Property

BD: Soil bulk density (g/cm3)
CLAY: Percent clay (< 0.002 mm size)
KFFACT: Soil erodibility factor, rock fragment free (susceptibility of soil erosion to water movement)
NO10: Percent soil passing sieve No. 10 (coarse)
NO200: Percent soil passing sieve No. 200 (fine)
OM: Organic matter content (% by weight)
ORD: Potential soil productivity (m3 of timber/ha)
PERM: Soil permeability rate (cm/hr)
PH: Soil pH
ROCKDEP: Depth to bedrock (cm)
SLOPE: Soil slope (%) of a soil component
TAWC: Total available water capacity (cm, to 152 cm)
Land Use and Fragmentation

FRAG: Fragmentation Index (Riitters et al. 2002)
AGRICULT: Cropland (%)
FOREST: Forest land (%)
NONFOREST: Nonforest land (%)
WATER: Water (%)