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Northern Research Station
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Newtown Square, PA 19073
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About Northern Research Station

As part of Forest Service Research and Development, we seek to understand all of the elements of forests and related landscapes. In the Northern Research Station, we work across a dynamic land with incredible social, biological, and physical diversity. Through this fabric of nature and of human needs and expectations run the recurring threads of disturbance and recovery following pest and disease outbreaks, extreme weather events, and fire. Our rural and urban experimental forests uniquely support long-term research that is not possible in other settings. We develop management strategies for plants, soil, air, water, and wildlife to meet the needs of people and communities.

The Northern Research Station builds on the strengths of the former Northeastern and North Central Research Stations. Our Programs are complementary, and we envision an organizational structure that responds nimbly to internal and external needs. This flexibility is best served through the concerted efforts of research work units that are engaged with one or more research themes.

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Debra J.S. Dietzman
Director, Communications & Science Delivery
USDA Forest Service - Northern Research Station
1992 Folwell Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55108

(651) 649-5031

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About NRS

Director: Michael T. Rains

Assistant Directors:
Deb Dietzman
Terry Gross
Thomas Schmidt
Hao Tran
Lon Yeary

Research Work Units: 13
Locations: 25
Employees: 591

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