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2013 Research Highlights

Check out our 2013 Research Highlights, focusing on Science for a Healthy Environment and Better Quality of Life.

  • Sandy Liebhold

    Featured Scientist

    Research Entomologist Sandy Liebhold is a leader in the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO)

  • Several NRS scientists are presenters at IUFRO2014 World Congress

    Featured Research

    The international value of NRS science is evidenced by scientists’ participation in the 2014 IUFRO World Congress.

  • iTree is used globally- Map shows which countries use it.

    Featured Product

    iTree is used globally to measure characteristics and benefits of urban forest resources.

  • Randy Kolka and IPCC Report chapter co-authors

    Featured Partnership

    Randy Kolka (2nd from right) and international collaborators wrote a chapter in the IPCC Wetlands Supplement.

October 2014 - International Forest Research

Continuing advances in communication technology make talking with someone across the globe much easier.  Improved international exchanges bring the foods, fashions, cultures, and ideas of other lands to our doorsteps.  Issues such as climate change and the damaging impacts of invasive species are affecting or have the potential to affect all nations.  Given this scenario, it makes sense for scientists to work together on addressing natural resource issues in an international forum.  This month, we feature a scientist, research, a product, and a partnership involving international forest research. 

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