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2013 Research Highlights

Check out our 2013 Research Highlights, focusing on Science for a Healthy Environment and Better Quality of Life.

July 2014 - Cool New Research Technologies

For some of us, something called a “floppy disk” was the first harbinger of a wave of technology that has dramatically changed our lives since the day we first played Pong. From manufacturing to our cars to the cell phone in our pocket, the technology has been fast and dazzling.

Technology has changed our lives, and it has changed forest science, too. Entire experimental forests can be “wired” to deliver meteorological and hydrological data in close to real time. Maps made by beaming light from airplane-mounted sensors create data that improve measuring and managing urban forests. Radiocarbon tells the story of how carbon journeys through an ecosystem. One tree’s cells can be used to make the entire species stronger.

This month, we feature a scientist, a product, a partnership and research that illustrate the extremely cool technology we’re using to make forests healthier, and in turn improve people’s lives.

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