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2013 Research Highlights

Check out our 2013 Research Highlights, focusing on Science for a Healthy Environment and Better Quality of Life.

September 2014 - Forest Inventory and Analysis

For close to eight decades, the USDA Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis program has conducted a census of America’s forests. From the species, size, and health of trees to growth, mortality, and removals by harvest, the Northern Research Station’s FIA program knows the region’s trees.
Inventory and analysis tools and techniques have evolved, and so have the questions that FIA data is helping answer. For example, how much carbon forests store and where it’s stored are critical factors in forest management today. The Station’s FIA program is developing methods of estimating forest carbon, and FIA is also helping other nations design and implement forest inventories that will increase knowledge of how forests are storing carbon worldwide.
This month, we feature a scientist, research, a product and a partnership that demonstrate how FIA counts.

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