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2013 Research Highlights

Check out our 2013 Research Highlights, focusing on Science for a Healthy Environment and Better Quality of Life.

November 2014 - Fascinating Forest Fungi

Neither animal nor plant, fungi are literally in a Kingdom of their own, and it’s a big Kingdom. There are an estimated 1-6 million species of fungi, and only 400,000 have names.Their habitat stretches from forests to deserts and from Antarctica to human beings. Fungi can be big enough to grill and too small to see with the naked eye. Some are stunningly beautiful; others get names like “Dead Man’s Fingers” for a reason.

Fungi are critical to forests because they contribute to decay, reforestation and other processes. They are just as critical to people. Fungi are essential to the production of life-saving drugs, including penicillin, cholesterol-lowering statins and the immunosuppresant ciclosporins, which made organ transplants possible. They are also needed for the production of quality of life products like chocolate, beer and specialty cheeses, such as brie and gorgonzola.

This month, we feature a scientist, a product, a partnership and research that shine a light on the fascinating world of fungi.

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